Aerus Biospeed Bicycle Travel Case, gets the Trek TTX 9.9 to the Longhorn Half Ironman & back!

Posted: November 2, 2009 in Biking, Triathlon
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Biospeed Bag

I used the Biospeed Travel Case for transporting my Trek TTX 9.8 to the Longhorn Half Ironman in Austin, TX. A call to Blue Competition HQ in Georgia help me find a local dealer in Maryland. A short drive later I was headed back home to Northern Virginia with my new bike bag.

I had consulted with anyone I could find who had traveled with a bike. For every success story of shipping or flying with a bike had an equal story of broken parts and bikes. In my search I only came across positive results of flying your bike using the Biospeed Travel Case.

I followed the packing instructions to the letter. I used some of the packing tips from the Pros. The airline did not asking any questions going but on the way back they hit me with large bag fees. I have a call into customer service asking for a fee refund. We’ll see what happens.


Once everything was strapped in I used the Pro tips, zipped tied the chain to the big ring and placed foam pipe tubing on everything.

I used rubber bands around the brake levels to close them and keep them low profile. The shift levels are in the middle position to keep them covered w/ the foam piping.

extra padding

After everything was in place, I took a sheet of large bubble wrap, placed it over the top and down each side. I had two foam shipping blocks, I placed one over the top of the seat mast and the other over the top of the stem.
The Trek TTX made it from NoVa to Austin and back without a scratch.


  1. matt says:

    Dude, you are flying your bike out to a race and your picture of yourself is you smoking a cigar. lame

    •, blow me! I lost 160 lbs, became a triathlete, faster than most and smoke a cigar on occasion and you got something to say about it. Maybe you should go read some of the BS on your owe web site.

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